Chemical Resin
Chemical Resins offered by us are known for their exceptional heat tolerance level. These resins are effective in improving color intensity and wetting properties of pigments. These are accessible in powder and crystalline pellet forms.
Chemical Solvents
This range of Chemical Solvents can be availed in different composition and chemical properties based options. These are flammable, have long storage life and have balanced content. These are offered drum form.
Chemical Pigment
Chemical Pigments provided by us are acknowledged for their unique wetting attributes. These pigments are needed to manufacture CMYK printing colors. Accurate composition and long storage life are their main features.
Titanium Dioxide Powder
Titanium Dioxide Powder is reckoned for its precise ph value, 0.8 g/cm3 bulk density and 0.29 μm particle thickness. Standard of this powder has been verified on the basis of its shelf life, chemical properties and composition.
Blue Pigment
Blue Pigments offered by us are acknowledged for their pure composition and balanced content. These pigments can be used at 350 degree C heat. These contain less than 1.0% moisture and <2% water soluble matter.
Yellow Pigment
Yellow Pigments can be accessed in various composition based options. These chemically inert pigments have unique color brightness and strength. These are sulfur protected and have good light fastness. Long storage life is one of their main features.
Red Pigment
Red Pigments are insoluble in water and these have good chemical stability. These pigments are required in rubber, paper, paint and printing ink processing arena. Free from toxic materials, these are high temperature proof.
Orange Pigment
Orange Pigments are required for dying mosaic and concrete bricks, plastics etc. This range of pigments has maximum 25% oil absorption capacity. Bright color, toxin free composition and 3% water soluble matter based content are their main aspects.
Paint Pigment
Paint Pigments can be accessed in various color choices. These non toxic grade pigments have wide applications in construction and automobile fields. Excellent colorfastness, chemical stability and high color strength are their main aspects.
Industrial Chemicals
Offered array of Industrial Chemicals is reckoned for its long shelf life and precise formulation. Developed under controlled environment, these chemicals have stable attributes. These can be accessed in standard packaging.
Powder Resin
Powder Resins are widely used in leather processing, packaging, textile and shoe designing arena. Made of EVA, these resins have maximum 85 degree C melting point. Good resiliency is one of the main aspects of these resins.
Pigment Powder
Pigment Powder refers to that powder which is widely used to add a pigment or color to various things. This powder finds its application in paints, medicines, foods, beverages, and other stuffs too. This powder do not possess any lustrous properties. This powder is very effective and safe to use.
Red Iron Oxide
Red Iron Oxide refers to that chemical which is mainly used as a colouring agent for tablets, capsules and liquids. This chemical is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and beverages, as well as in cosmetic industry. This chemical acts as a pigment, dye or colorant which may also be used to add color to glasses, glazes and so on.

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